Because it’s the first home of one’s own, there’s just a certain pride of place in that starter apartment. You want to text everyone you know to stop over (and if you’re honest, you kinda want them to use the coasters when they do.) Whether you’re outfitting a new house, a first apartment or even a dorm room, chances are that space will see a few parties. And yes, even bro’s want to keep it neat without harshing the party vibe.

Enter Crypton Home fabrics. When Los Angeles based filmmaker Robert Ingraham got his own place, he wanted it to have some mid-century reference points, and to reflect his love of film and music. Designer Anne Sage, who is a some time colleague of Robert’s, came up with a plan. “Robert is a filmmaker with a finely honed visual instinct. He wanted to hang some of his own fine art photography work on the walls,” she says, “So we used his pieces as the jumping off point for our palette and overall vibe. His request was for a bachelor pad that didn’t feel like a bachelor pad—and hues of sky, slate, rust, and ochre set the scene for soothing yet dynamic space.”

Rowe Furniture sofa covered in Crypton performance fabric

Large upholstered elements are a great way to start a room design. Contemporary pieces that have clean lines that harken mid-century silhouettes work perfectly here, starting with a sofa from the Rowe Modern Mix Collection, covered in Crypton Home Fabric, and a Huntington House button tufted chair in Crypton Home Fabric‘s Nomad weave. See how Robert and his bro’s enjoy the space thoroughly:

Anne cleverly worked a lot of Robert’s collections into the design, so that in a small space there’s an intentional place for everything. Books, boxes, vintage cameras and a super cool vintage projector found places of honor, along with artwork of Robert’s own creation, or by friends and local artists, pulled together by custom framing in a mix of natural and black gallery-style frames.

In small spaces use collections as part of the decor.

gallery wall above the piano

Another clever small-space idea is to create surfaces that are multi-purpose, as Anne did here with a desk-dining table combo in a cool, minimalist hairpin leg style. When a desk or table faces a windowless wall, adding a piece of art that provides a great view is always a good solution.

double-duty desk and dining area

If, like Robert, you want a sofa that laughs in the face of buttered popcorn, chairs that defy you to tip over that red wine and an ottoman that screams ‘put your feet up on me, dude,’ Crypton fabric upholstery is easy to get through furniture e-tailers like Lulu and Georgia, Society Social and CB2. All you have to do is select a Crypton fabric when ordering your upholstered furniture. For Robert, we wish years of joy in this space and those to come, and we hope eventually these same Crypton fabrics will be repelling lots of Champagne in the wee hours of the morning after awards night, and that the end table will get a very shiny new accessory.

end table decor

Photos/video in this post by: Echo + Earl