Three designers walked into a desert….

There’s no punchline, just an amazing A-Frame getaway with mid-century roots and a soaring new re-design. Bonus: it’s by three of our favorite design influencers.

When three top design influencers get together there’s no stopping the flow of creative ideas. The light, bright welcome and sustainable, durable furnishings offered by this stylish desert Airbnb near Palm Springs is thanks to a stellar collaboration. It was made over by its former owner, interior and product designer Sarah Sherman Samuel, and its new owner, Caroline Lee of LA’s renowned Light Lab creative studio and event space along with Light Lab co-founder Anne Sage. No wonder this unusual joint effort by three top design influencers (with nearly half a million Instagram followers between the three) has resulted in an interior that is way more than the sum of its parts.

Thoughtful touches abound.

The owners are globetrotters who, when they’re not using it, will consider renting it to design-minded folks in search of a relaxed desert getaway. Thanks to the trio’s copious use of beautiful, durable Crypton Home Fabrics, the house features light, bright, sunny upholstery that will stay clean, fresh and brand-new despite its constant usage. That’s a tip for anyone who loves pastels, whites, creams and airy colors but has a high-traffic interior that’s constantly filled with guests, kids and pets. Sarah, Caroline and Anne used Crypton all over the house in many creative ways.

Drama. The good kind!

A soaring living room complete with fireplace makes full use of the A-frame drama. Says Caroline, “One of the perks of buying Sarah’s house was getting to re-imagine the interior design with her.” The living room was the first spot they tackled. It stars a pair of identical sofas in a very on-trend lemon-yellow fabric. “The sofas had to have Crypton Home Fabric on them”, said Caroline, “I knew we were going to have fairly high traffic in the home. With puppies and babies and all kinds of wet towels coming in from long days at the pool, having fabric that’s odor and stain resistant and that is super easy to clean was a non-negotiable.”

Curves and texture.

The sinuous curves of the matching Kim Salmela sofas are covered in Sarah’s choice of Crypton, Kravet’s Crypton Beacon fabric in Lemon. This is a look you can take home even if your house isn’t an Airbnb! Mirrored chairs, a copper clad coffee table and a hand-woven rug each add a complementary texture to the room that gives it a warm sophistication. Says Caroline of her friend and collaborator, “I don’t know how Sarah knows that all of these shapes and textures will work together, but she just gets it! She amazes me.” Textural bowls are the accessories of choice that help complete the look – an earthenware bowl called Horta and a spiky white ceramic Calla bowl, both from

Lounge act.

A secondary living space is a meditation lounge conjured by Anne with deep, cushy, wraparound custom banquettes and fabulously textural DIY wall design that Caroline and her brother made by cleverly using simply split lengths of pvc pipe and paint. The resulting room feels contemporary while still underscoring this home’s mid-century vibe. This spot is perfect for cozy hangouts with friends or family, and if you stretch out and fall asleep on the furniture, no worries! This is also where Calico Corners came in to the design process, with fabulous Kravet Crypton Home fabric for the banquette cushions, and elegant, durable Crypton suede for those high-drama, super-elongated custom bolster pillows.

Custom made simple.

The made-to-measure cushions and bolsters were made by Calico, whose stores nationwide offer custom upholstery services of all kinds to design pros and homeowners alike. Calico also features a staggering selection of the latest Crypton fabrics including designer lines by Dana Gibson and Stacy Garcia. Calico’s free design services are an easy way to get that designer look on your own. They range from sofas and chairs to sleek pillows like these or design details such as upholstered folding screens and table linens.

Get yours!

With all this inspiration and a great location, no wonder this fun and unique desert home has already been featured in both domino and clever! So, why not take home some of these design and styling ideas, or better yet, plan your own amazing getaway at this property by contacting Caroline. Either way you’re sure to add a touch of that relaxed yet inspiring Cali desert style to your life.